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  • New Ohio Residence Homestead Exemption
         This blog will be updated as the mood strikes me with trends, relevant news developments, misnomers, and useful tidbits as it pertains to debt relief and bankruptcy...

Bankruptcy FAQ's

We all have questions on how this process works. Here are some frequently asked questions.

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1 Do I have to pay all fees in one lump sum, or do you have payment plans?
2 Do I have to take a credit counseling course?
3 Do I need to attend a court hearing?
4 Can I keep my home/car?
5 Is it possible to file quickly?
6 What are the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
7 What is the automatic bankruptcy stay?
8 Is there a court cost?
9 Is there a minimum amount of debt required to file a bankruptcy?
10 How do you bill?

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