The Founder



Jon Ginter My professional emphasis is on
consumer and small business bankruptcy.



I am experienced. I have represented clients in over

1,000 Bankruptcy cases, and have been practicing in this field since 2005.

I am knowledgeable and passionate about consumer bankruptcy relief.

I will represent you all the way through your case, and I will personally tutor you in relation to rebuilding your credit.

I am dedicated to my clients and make myself very accessible. You will have my personal cell phone number and deal directly with me.

If I am in court or with a client, I will call you back within 24 hours.

When I assess  your situation, I will look in detail for each and every way that you can benefit from the many provisions under the federal bankruptcy code.

Each individual case is unique, and without this detailed assessment, one can miss the chance to take advantage of certain provisions of the bankruptcy laws which are available in addition to the standard discharge of debt.

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